Tinder profile:

  • Select a cover photo that represents you well:

If you want to be swiped right by other users then you have to upload a great image of yours. “Edit info” the largest profile image of yours will be upload here. So you must remember about your profile cover photo that must be amazing. Your lifestyle, personality, current look all are reflected in the same photo.

  • Preferably upload the photos that are taken recently to represent your current look.
  • In your photo try to show your occupation either businessman or service man by putting photos like that.

1.Tilt Head Snapshot:

Happy tilting head photos are usually more effecting than the casual ones basically on the dating apps like tinder. So try to upload your photos with slightly tilted head and a very happy mood.

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2.Add multiple photos to your profile:

Putting multiple photos to your profile creates good matches as it will give the others a chance to check you in every manner. It’s up to you that you will upload the profile photo as genuine and the real one.

  • Try to avoid photos of groups or opposite gender as it may give negative impact.
  • Phots with pets give the start up to the conversation.
  • Travelling photos are another good idea it will also a good start up.
  • Try to avoid the shirtless mirror selfies as it would give you a bad impact.

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3.Use only clear photos that are focused on you:

Always upload the photos in which you are focused completely or avoid the photos in which the camera is not demonstrating you. Blurred images will make your profile swiped left with other users.

  • Link your Instagram account:
  • To make the others more comfortable regarding your profile then use to link your Instagram account to the tinder. This will give them more easy access to whatever you are in current by seeing your Instagram photos and videos.
  • Be aware that linking your Instagram account to your Tinder does give people access to your Instagram username.
  • Set your Instagram settings to “request mode” to be followed by anyone if you are linking your account to tinder.

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  • Appealing Bio:
  1. “About us”section should be good:

In the “Edit Info” area of the Tinder app, you can add text that will show up in your profile when people reaches your photo to check you out more. here you should put a very simple and straight one or two lines about yourself that will demonstrate that what you like the most and what type of person you are. Put something that where you like to go and what type of food you prefer to have.

2.Consider mentioning what you’re looking for:

Being direct about what you’re looking for on Tinder can benefit both you and your potential matches. Some profiles on tinder are there just to hook up and some are searching a very serious relationship. So be explicit about your intentions.

  1. Induce humor in between:

If you have uploaded all your photos in a serious mood or activities then it’s necessary to induce a humor or joke. I am saying to put a joke in your profile rather I am saying to write something by which potential matches will feel you on both sides as the serious one and the humorous person too.

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  • Avoid digits putting in your profile:

If someone is interested in matching with smart peoples then probably they are not interested in liking to tell someone that how smart they are. So keeping this thing in mind you should avoid putting numbers or digits like info in your profile. Instead of it you may write something like if we talk about height then you may say that I am tall and interested in tall folks. If the other match smartly read your profile then they will surely swipe right.

  • Start conversation with your matches:

Most of the matches will not lead to a final conversation this is one of the frustrated aspect of using tinder. Feel free to start conversations with matches  by yourself, and be sure to reply to messages from your matches or un-match them if you’re no longer interested.

  • Don’t make your conversations too seriously, especially at first. Keep it flirty and funny.
  • On your first date convey your true personality and make them feel about your real intentions if you are hoping to meet someone seriously then.


I hope that this will help you to create your good profile on tinder and have your perfect matches as soon as possible.


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